A hint of pink

Haunting, yet curiously triumphant.

Lyric Video

Realma’s debut single ‘A Hint of Pink’ takes you on a journey into the mystical, moon-charmed landscape of ethereal tones. 

Witness a heartfelt encounter between a wounded wolf and a light-healing nymph, accompanied by a lulling, rustic melody. 

Gazing through the darker emblematic lens of neo-symbolism, A Hint of Pink mystifies artists’ bittersweet bonds to their creations. Exploring states of daydream and intoxication in one’s artistic process, the cinematic meta-song is a call for mesmerizing qualities of beauty that are out-of-reach for a still premature, shapeless artwork. The chorus in particular alludes to wolf howls, representing the struggle and desire to summon creative conditions that will spur artistic radiance despite a broken reality. The highlight of the song are the atypical vocals inspired by Realma’s Serbian-Chinese folkloric roots.

Featured on:
Canalside Radio 102.8fm in East Cheshire (UK)
‘Mornings are Hard’ on CHSR 97.9FM (Canada)
88.1-KFCF (US)
‘Ossobliwości muzyczne’ on Polskie Radio Trojka (Poland)
‘End of the Week Show’ on 92.2 Sheppey FM (UK)
‘The Untapped Project’ on Wolfman Radio (UK)
‘Independent Corner’ on Cynus Radio (US)
Folkal Point (Scotland)
Coastal Sound Radio (UK)
2BOB Radio (Australia)
Frequence 7 (France)
‘The Welcome Show #161’ on  RKC – Radio Kaos Caribou (France)
‘Music Sans Frontiers’ on 3CR (Australia)

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