Ashgrey Butterfly

Lyric Video

Adorn with a tinge of psychedelic verve, Realma’s third single ‘Ashgrey Butterfly’ invites you into a whimsical fay scenery.

Follow the journey of a lonely rain fairy, as she confronts vibrant vistas, deceiving in their effervescence.

Uniquely interweaving the fairytale-like orchestration, the musical theatre vocal style and various witchy, psychedelic synth textures, Ashgrey Butterfly is a complex and grandiose symbol of nonconformity. Dedicated to all misfits out there, the song’s twinkly music exudes a dreamy, euphoric nostalgia, while its ambiguous lyrics are poignant in their sobering slice of irony. Gazing through the brighter emblematic lens of neo-symbolism, the track’s coming-of-age aspects tackle real-life concerns of social burnout, loneliness and depression prevalent in modern adolescence and young adulthood, all through a heartfelt, Dickinson-esque nature motif.

Featured on:

Nene’s Butler’s ‘Weekly Top 40’

Radio City Light (Italy)

RTI FM (Slovakia)

Jonathan L radio show (US)

Flex Radio (Netherlands)

Valley FM 89.5 and Banks Radio (Australia) on ‘Sweet Sunday Sounds’ and ‘Tracks of the Day’ shows

Radio Wigwam (UK and USA) on ‘WIGWAM Ladies Night – All the best female independent artists’  show

RKC (France) on The Welcome Show No. 234

Ayrshire Online Radio (Scotland) on ‘The Third Class Ticket’ radio show (Episode 253)

Pulse Community Radio (Barrhead, UK) on ‘Next Up with Tommy Clark’

European Indie Music Network’s ‘Top Sound’ chart among Top 40 ranked artists 

European Indie Music Network – ‘Formula Indie Debut’ show on 39 radio stations around the world:

Band Wagon Network (Ash Grove, USA)

Central Coast Radio (The Entrance, Australia)

Creation Station (Minnedosa, Canada)

Euroindiemusic Radio (Europe)

Fantasy Radio (UK)

Flash Radio (Valencia, Spain)

Front Range Radio (Lubbock, USA)

Glacer FM Underground (Seattle, USA) (Lecce, Italy)

JR Radio (Split, Croatia)

Kbit Play (UK)

La Senia Radio 107.4 FM (La Senia, Catalynya)

LimeCity Radio Network (Huntington, USA)

Malex Radio 102.7 FM Sigli (Sigli, Indonesia)

Monies New Music (Fuitland Park, USA)

Music Team Radio (Sassuolo, Italy)

NFRS Sound Up Station (Nishinari-ku, Japan)

New Music Radio (Italy)

Onda 87 Radio (Cadiz, Spain)

Onda Teguestera (Tegueste, Spain)

Pluto Radio (Scottsdale, USA)

Radio Antenna Petrignano (Assisi, Italy)

Radio Armony (Italy)

Radio Energy Web (Napoli, Italy)

Radio Hemingway (Abbiategrasso, Italy)

Radio Onde Quadre (Torino, Italy)

Radio Patapoe 88.3 FM Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Radio Piave (San Dona di Piave)

Radiobar (Tirana, Albania)

Radiophonica (Perugia, Italy)

Taiwan Lounge Radio (Taiwan)

Tele Radio Vajont (Italy)

TMV Cafe (USA)

Urabana Radio (Mexico)

WeRocx R920 (Nellyford, USA)

Wiru-Db Internet Radio Chicago (Chicago, USA)

WRN-R (Hotbird13B – Europe, Asia, Africa)

XRP Radio (Birmingham, UK)

Zanj Radio (Lyssons, Jamaica)

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