Dance Reimaginings

Haunting, yet curiously triumphant  

This experimental dance video marks an incredible collaboration between a worldwide group of dance and physical theater artists, who were invited to re-interpret Realma’s bewitching ‘A Hint of Pink’ instrumental enriched by M. Madison’s spoken word poetry.

It’s been a long process due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, but it’s amazing to see all the material that has been created despite the restrictions and have the movement artists thematically unified despite the physical distance.


Spoken word poetry – M. Madison 

Creative directing – Saya Grimm 

Videography and editing – Andreea Vijulan and Florin Boicescu

Drone shots – Florin Boicescu


Yumi Lee

Giulia Gaudenzi

Despoina Gazi 

Quay Lam

Mariella Oakes

Vasiliki Karantoni

Alejandra Lomelí Galaz

Jasmine Leach & Celeste Thesiger-Meacham who filmed and directed her movement material