Hypnotic, film-noir melancholy

Lyric Video

Hypnotic, glamorous, and melancholic, Realma’s theatrical follow-up single ‘Wandering’ explores the fine line between love and obsession. 

With its compelling sonic narrative, the song perfectly encapsulates the style and drama of the film noir genre, while delving deep into the psychology of abusive relationships. Being a tribute to both old and new, it incorporates modern whimsy and charm whilst maintaining classicism at its core. 

Featured on:
Ibiza Global TV (Spain)
RTVC (Columbia)
Pop Radio (France)
Radio Candy (USA)
NBT Music Radio (Germany)
Chill Lounge Mix (Online)
Banks Radio (Australia)
Novum Fm  – Byte Fm (Germany)
Valley Fm 89.5 (Australia)

Listen on Spotify:

Film Festivals

We are delighted that the animated music video for ‘Wandering’ has been included in international film festivals, including: 

Animest 2021 (16th Edition)

Flipbook Film Festival 2021 

Lift-Off Global Sessions 2021



It is a real honour that our animated music video for ‘Wandering’ has been featured among Top 3 semifinalists at the European competition MArte Live 2022.

Project Wandering has been financially supported by the City of Bor.